Guys - how u judge my personality?

so i liked this guy and after 10 years i messaged him, saying i like him.. he is unmarried at 39 and walked out of my life 10 years ago without a word. and now he hadn't seen my pic.. he was all dying and emotional saying he likes me wants to see who it is.. i was told him our accounts and either he was lying or still didn't recognize me.. after seeing my pic.. he was very happy and said he liked me blah blah.. then suddenly starts avoiding me and late at night i am fighting with him, he is telling me about sex chats with other girl.. then sends me a dic pic.. i am broken.. so i will embarass myself.. here.. see my pic.. tell me
reasons you won't want a serious?
solely on basis on my looks and my personality - i am a bit emotional types..

we werent dating.. i liked him.. thats it


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  • Though I am younger than you, and I probably don't understand how things will work when I'm older, but the man you describedsounded horrible, and he sounds like the kind of guy I would never want my best friends (girls) to ever date or end up with. Honestly it sounded like he was bragging about his sex life. Ditch him. You can do better

    • i think he lied to me to reject me..

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    • if u see my pic am i 1. ugly or something? 2. or look like a slut / door mat

    • he told me u are in difficult love, i said u mean difficult in love? he said yes

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  • hmmmm i can guess who are you basically, so i'd say you're a sweet person :-)

    • why he did that.. send me a pic like tht.. he doesn't take me seriously rite?

    • and now he is avoiding me..

  • I don't see anything wrong with you.

  • This man is a pig. Forget about him and tell him to leave you alone.

    • i feel he is lying to reject me.. or u think he is really a pig?

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