Advice for short guys? I'm giving advice?

Hey I've noticed lately a lot of questions men are asking about height, and if it affects females liking you, listen guys I'm 5'11 but when I was 17 I was 5'6 let me tell you I dated a bunch of girls, guys it doesn't matter about your height when it comes to finding a girl, she's gonna love you for your personality not how tall you are, for all you short men out their, there's a surgery to make you 3 inches taller than you are right now so don't sweat it, there are plenty of ways to increase your height :) just wanted to tell you


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  • i guess those guys will never accept the fact that most girls don't care about height... we have a guy here who constntly complains he's 5'6"...

  • pfft your short I am 5.8ft and I am currently 23.

    Dont let it stunt your confidence its all mind set trust me.

    So what they are taller but I don't have to pay more for larger clothe at times and it doesn't stun my growth on talking to people in a social situation

    Sorry for the bad puns : )