Am I Ugly? (Hot or Not?

So someone was playing hot or not on ask. fm and my name was asked. He said not. Would you? I'm too self concious to post a pic so I will describe myself.
I also want to let you know that I don't want compliments, just a simple opinion. I am 16 years old, 5'2, and pear shaped. I weigh 129 lbs but I look 115. My measurements are 32-26.5-35. I have thicker calves. I have a relatively flat stomach, but I have a little bulge of fat on my lower abs that I'm extremely self conscious about. My thighs are the one thing I am most self concious about. I have tried everything to slim them down, but they won't.

I have light brown hair that is growing out after being cut into a pixie cut like Jennifer Lawrence's. My hair is about bob length and almost past my neck. My nose is honestly rather large and I hate it and I'm saving up for a nosejob. My eyes are dark green. My lips are full at the bottom and a little thinner at the top. My eyelashes are dark and thick, but normal length. My face is oval shaped and I have high cheekbones.


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    • the point is to imagine what I look like

    • *using a ninjutsu to imagine how you * Okay you look good

  • your description just makes it sound like you are really harsh on your own appearance,
    not all guys will think you are hot and why worry about this one guy says,
    you just sound like any other 16 year old girl anyone has met

    • Yeah but this was just one example... This has happened many times

  • why don't you post a pic of yourself then?

    why you hesitate since you're anonymous?

  • Honestly, the way you describe yourself is as a normal girl. You don't describe yourself as ugly just insecure. Have more confidence in yourself.

  • Hot or not has pics though. ...

    • noo that is just relevant to the game on ask. fm

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