How do I make people notice me?

I'm 17, tall, athletic build, wheatish toned with medium length wavy hair... What can I do so dat i can make heads turn? The problem is dat I hav glasses and I'm not allowed to get contacts, and im not dat pretty, but i try 2 dress up stylishly. Give sum style suggestions and sum good confidence tips. And also some tips about how to speak to guys well.
Also give some ideas for hair, makeup, and outfits.


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  • well a picture would help. But if you want to feel confident, you need to draw your confidence from something tangible, like your success as a student an athlete, a gamer... anything that makes you feel proud and capable is what you should draw your confidence from. You've got to be able to walk down the street and feel like you are a worthwhile, valuable human being... because you are.


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  • Don't put any effort.. and don't be sad about it.. people will notice you when they want to... and a boyfriend will come when it's meant to be... and i can tell you look good.. and what's wrong with glasses? they look sexy on most girls..

    • Have any style tips?

    • Pink lips stick.. long hair.. glasses that match with your face.. you don't have to wear short or revealing clothes... just something cool

    • Thanks a lot :)

  • post your pic then, so wecan makesuggestions to improve your looks :-)


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  • Grow your hair to the middle of your back.

    • Cool... I was thinking of cutting my hair. My face is kinda ovalish. What sort of cut would suit it?

    • I really have no clue. How are you going to ask someone how you should cut your hair, when they just said grow it out lol Okay, well, I really don't know what you are or your glasses look like. Since your tall I'm sure you can rock a short cut, so check out these faces and see if any look like you or if their are any hair styles here that you like.

    • I sear, a ton of images will pop up, it's not just a link to google. I'm not that much of dick :D

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