Is my skin a Major Problem?

So over the past few months I've recently had this thing where my Cheeks are constantly red, And all my mates always commented how it always looked like i was Blusing (And my cheeks were always hot).

So anyway, I went to the Doctors the other day and got Diagnosed with Mild Rosacea, Though obviously myn is NOWHERE near the severity of Rosacea that you see on Google Images and stuff and it won't turn into that either, But still im Super self concious about it, My cheeks are always red and it looks absolutely repulsive to me.

So my question is, Would you (Mainly talking to girls here), Avoid me / not talk to me / thing i was ugly because of this?

Im already uncomfortable with my face and body so this is just like a massive kick in the nuts and im really on the verge of just turning into an anti social loner i hate myself that much.

So yeah, Honest opinions please, I wanna know how bad it is in the eyes of others :/.

  • Its very unnatractive, Id avoid you as a result of it.
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  • Its unnatractive but id still talk to you.
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  • I dont really care, Dosent bother me.
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Id just like to add that this is a Non curable Genetic thing, There are stuff that can reduce redness but not entirely and they are hella expensive.


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  • it doesn't bother me at all, you look like a very handsome guy in my opinion and im sure a lot of girls you age wouldn't care either.

    The problem with our flaws is that we tend to obsess over them so we can't believe it when somebody else doesn't notice or care that much about it, if they did then theyre obviously a shallow person and youve avoided a horrible person anyway. Act confident and like you dont care its there, just be like yeah so? or laugh and brush it off casually and your friends will soon stop with the comments, theyre only doing it because you give them a reaction.

    confidence is the number 1 thing that increases attractiveness, you having this small amount of redness and being confident as hell is going to land you a ton more girls than you with regular plain cheeks and a shy personality.

    As you're in england you can get gels and creams to completely get rid of it for up to 12 hours at a time for free from the NHS, talk to your doctor and im sure theyll sort you out with something

    • Thanks for the comment!

      And i never realised that you could get things like that on the NHS, I thought Laser Surgery was the only thing. Ill be sure to ask my Doc about them !, May aswell make all that Tax i pay useful ;P.

      Cheers ;).

    • gotta love our NHS :)

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What Girls Said 5

  • I don't see a problem with it:) I know at least five other guys with it and they get plenty of girls so don't worry about itXD

  • It would not bother me really. You look good.

  • Doesn't bother me at all. I know tons of hot guys with Rosales. My best friend even has it

  • I know a few people with it and I think it's cute, :) Dont get hung up on it

  • Why would it bother me? You do look good!


What Guys Said 1

  • don't worry dude... it's not even visible with naked eyes basically ;-)

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