Is he bragging about me?

I hooked up with this guy in my bio class last Friday . I found out today that he's been telling people about it. Like he would talk about it even when nobody asks him. My friends say he's bragging about me, but does this count as "bragging"?

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  • He isn't bragging ABOUT you he is bragging about his latest conquest. You're probably nothing more to him than his latest lay and now you won't have the best of reps.

    • Ok well same thing that's what I meant lok

    • Lol dont get all technical

    • Uh, there is a difference. He could be bragging about what a wonderful person you are and that he is proud of you. However, more likely, he is bragging that he nailed yet another girl (or maybe his first girl but whatever). I would guess that you probably have the rep of the class slut now. No offense, just sayin...

  • yes... basically i consinder his behavior very immature :-/

  • he's bragging cos he's happy to be with u. it could be a good sign.

    • We aren't together though...

  • He's bragging for himself, not about you. Sorry.


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