Ok, I feel like there is going to be a lot of hate about this one.
There seems to be an epidemic happening, to girls faces.

First it was make-up, then it was plastic surgery, then it was Botox, then collagen and now the eyebrows.

I have watched beautiful women turn into horror movies in just months and it honestly really saddens me.
They all seem to become twice as insecure after surgery and seemingly once they have all this surgery, they attract all the guys that... well cheat, beat and think about their meat.

Girls with pale skin and thick black eyebrows that are crooked or too close together or just seriously like 1 inch thick and jet black... Would girls like it if their man came home and took out his blue eyes, took off his brown hair, rubbed off his tan and showed his true Red haired, pale skin, hazel eyes. Or worse what if his face was injected to look like muscles or he had beard extensions.

I think it has a lot to do with why men may be mean to girls after they meet in bars etc, go home together and shag. Then she will wonder why he isn't answering her calls even though they had sex...
I have nearly had about 37 heart attacks, and it is not nice.
(one night stands) I have had to buy like 500 bath towels in the last 2 years because they all have black eyebrows and make up all over them.
Now before someone says Im shallow or an asshole, when I said one night stands, its the usual-
I see her, she sees me, we look at each other like we want to kill each other, we dance, we make out, we get a cab, we introduce ourselves, we shag, we sleep.
a lot of the time I have been mostly sober because I can handle my drink very well so no I didn't have beer goggles.

I think there is nothing seriously more un attractive about a girl then fakeness and makeup obsessions.
Don't get me wrong, some of those models look great. but not all girls are models and that is a really good thing lol.
so let me have it ladies and gentlemen.

  • All for new age brows
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  • I dislike the Kardashians and thick eyebrows.
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  • Girls should ask men for advice what men like, not women.
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Woah thanks ladies.. I expected a lot worse but it seems I am not alone. Also not one person called me a name! much appreciated girls : )

However boys! you will not get laid on this website. I regret my third poll question because I realise now that there a lot of dumb ass men out there and they only care about what women look like. I shouldn't have said women should ask men for advice.. I should have said women should ask Gentlemen. my bad


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  • What's hilarious is I was just talking about this with one of my friends. Apparently blatantly obviously colored in eyebrows that look practically 3D are considered "on fleek" right now. And you know people in general are sheep that jump on whatever latest trend bandwagon is rolling through town.

    I'm just going to keep my normal eyebrows that are made of hair, not crayon, and sip my tea.

    • Hahaha well said. ; )

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  • well I don't know i like my eyebrows thick and long, they suit me best this way. i dont look like a horror movie and i think theyre pretty much on point. so yeah=]

    i think this is a bit of a generalisation. yeah sure some girls really need to understand the art of the brow, but at the end of the day it all comes down to her face. some girls like myself look HORRENDOUS with thin eyebrows and some look HORRENDOUS with thick ones. each girl knows what suits her and we all acknowledge that.

    some like to try new things and that's ok. consider it a phase or a 'bad brow day'. our brows dont stay the same forever, we're always changing them till we find the perfect type to suit us, so yeah=]

  • I saw a girl the other day that had sharpie streak thin eyebrows that were purple, and I saw a girl with like painted black eyebrows, just use your natural eyebrows like wtf sometimes it doesn't even seem human.

  • What about these two women? Your thoughts?

    I don't really have this problem lol I can't change my eyebrows though... They are just black, dark and wide.-. And I can't wear foundation :'(

    • Hahahaha That is exactly why I'm talking about!

  • I guess I add the make-up to fill them up with more color to match my hair? My eyebrows are naturally thick but they're too dark of an ash-brown for my fire-truck red hair. Just adding a little filler isn't that big of a deal and I'm sure these other girls feel more confident with it too. If you have a problem with it then just try and find a girl with a more "Natural" look or doesn't wear make up at all.

  • I think it looks nice when a guy or girl gets their eyebrows done. Yeah, it looks bad when girls shave them off and replace it with a drawn in ones from what looks like sharpie. But getting them cleaned pup and shaped is attractive

  • hahahaha.. well.. I love thick eyebrows AND the Kardashians. I don't have thick eyebrows but I fill up the ones I've got with eyebrow pencil. I always use make up remover wipes.

    • I can understand. They don't put anything good on tv at all so I guess you gotta like one.

    • No, there are actually enough shows I love such as Faking it, Awkward, Glee, House of DVF. I just like their shows too.

  • I honestly don't get girls who overdo their eyebrows. I get mine waxed a little and then leave them alone and I like it that way, screw people who are gonna judge me. :)


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  • personally i prefer girls with thin eyebrows!

    • thin or like pencil line thin? like a 90's hooker?