How do I look? What do you think?

Well, curious what random people think of my looks.

don't know why the photo, is sideways, haha.


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  • If your looking to get more pussy, get in the gym and cut your hair, and dress smarter :) no girls like a guy in oversized t shirts!

    • Funny enough, thats after I finished working out, hence the large shirt.

      Good advice though, how long you been training?

    • About 2 years
      That test and dbol though lol

    • You've got amazing gains for 2 years only, props to you, that's some mad dedication

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  • You look like a human! Lol :-)
    You should change your hairstyle, to be honest

    • Hahaha, this photo is a few months old, my hairstyle right now is a lot longer.

      Thanks though, what hairstyle do you think I shoukd have?

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    • Oh, sweet, I'll give it a go next time I go for a haircut, thanks!

    • Welcome :-')

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