How unattractive are armpit vaginas?

JLaw coined it. and i have a hideous looking pair myself
it is that fold of skin where a woman's arm joins her torso.
is it that big a bother?

for all those acting me to elaborate, it is that excess skin that sits like bags under the armpit. google it!
and no, they are not hairy
*asking me


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  • That's how most women's armpits are. Sometimes it's do to excess skin, underarm/chest fat, and breast tissue in the wrong area due to improper bra size.

    • from where i hail, women rarely have them! so i have to keep my arms covered

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    • but i have it even when i am without a bra... have suggestions?

    • Well that an still be breast tissue that sits like that in a natural state because it's been pushed back for so many years
      But it can also just be underarm fat

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  • I couldn't completely understand what you're talking about until reading the other answers. Anyway, I am not a fan of hair on armpits of girls. I just find it unusual for girls to even have hair in certain places because when I was very young someone told me that girls don't have hair in those places because of their hormones or something like that. Forget exactly. Since then I find girl hair in those areas unattractive.

    • no, no.. not hair!
      it is the excess skin! read the update. sorry!

  • I never even thought about it till the other day.

    I really don't think they're an issue. How often do you look at people's arm pits? If you put your arms up, they're gone anyway.

    • true, but it looks weird in strapless outfits. and i don't roam around with my arms up, so...

    • Nobody really thinks about it. Especially guys.

  • "armpit vaginas" = explain?

  • yeah am a fan of girls with hairy armpits... its cool

    • okay, good to know, but that wasn't my question in the first place! sorry!
      please read the update

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  • lolwhat?

    People are just going out of their way to find things to complain about now. That's hilarious.

    But seriously, no, virtually nobody cares. And you don't need more things to feel self conscious about.

    • Damm that's a sexi pic.

    • okay, good to know that it is not a bother.. thank you..!
      by the way, that is a really nice picture of yours!

  • What is armpit vagina? I am afraid to look it up.

    *googles it*
    Oh, the excess skin. It doesn't look bad.
    Don't worry about it. Most women have it ^_^!

  • What is that?

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