Ear shape preference! Help please?

As the title says.. I need help! Please help me! I need to know what your ear shape preferences are for females. In case you didn't know there were different ear shapes, here's a pic.
Thanks for your help!


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  • honestly i never noticed, and since i have never noticed then it is not something that is an issue, i am guessing most guys are the same,

    i am also assuming that ear shape works differently on different heads, as all heads are not the same shape some ear shapes would look better on one person then others. kind of like saying all the animals that have tails, which tail is the nicest for all animals. doesn't work really

    • yeah, but we as people are not so different from each other as pigs from giraffes.. but I get your point ^^

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    • lol, i mean the one that you could play basketball with, not the ones that make the hole in the earlobe, they are cute to a certain size.

    • if a girl has long hair there is a good chance that most guys wouldn't notice for a long time if she had no ears at all if she never had her hair tied up

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  • I think reverse triangular shape is the best one, but does it really matter honestly? If I had diamond shaped ears honestly I wouldn't care too much. There are so many things about looks that us girls are worried about, let's not fuel this fire with even smaller things like this...

    • Do those 'bigger' things matter in your opinion? Would you say you have a problem if my questions makes you worry about your ear shape?

    • I'm just saying that women feel very insecure today. They worry if they're too skinny, they worry if they're too curvy, they worry if they have a big nose or small breasts. I'm not saying that this question can change someone's perspective on how they look, I'm just saying that if you're asking this because you're worried about it, you shouldn't. But if it's not the case, forget what I said :)

    • Oh, I know I shouldn't. I mean look at all the answers from guys so far.. it really seems like they don't care ^^

  • Reverse triangle, obviously.

    • Why obviously? Just because it's common, it doesn't mean it's preferred xD

    • You can't tell I'm a reverse triangle lady? I thought it was obvious!

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