Guys, the guy I like, saw my pic and?

doesn't give me as much attention.. am i shitty looking ?? he avoids me i think busy chatting other girls.. :( pls be honest.. i look easy ? or not hot ?


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  • ok so i looked at your profile and you're not ugly however you're not desirable either. i know you may or may not be comfortable with how you look but if you really want to catch a guys eye you need a make over. here's what i suggest you do
    1. get your eyebrows arched (they are a little bushy and look like they may connect)
    2. buy more feminine clothes they dont have to be expensive just something that looks nice and complements your body
    3. get a better hairstyle that suits you and get it done doesn't have to be anything fancy just something that looks nice im assuming you're indian so there's plenty of hairstyles for you
    4. you have many blemishes on your face if you can't get a dermitoligist to help get rid of them i suggest wearing make up for your skin tone to make them not look as bad

    what i think is that the guy automatically assumed you were unnattractive because you didn't look very desirable.. also dont slouch women are more attractive if they sit up straight.


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  • i cannot see your pic basically... but i'd assume he doesn't like you... sorry :-/

  • u r really nice looking. i think its all in ur head, u can always ask him directly =)

    btw- i reported that other opinion, he is just a shitty 10 year old who doesn't know his actions can affect someone else. ignore him

    • ya that psycho been bothering me !!

  • I don't see a picture of you but listen love, someone is going to find you to be the most beautiful woman inside and oit someday and that's who you should focus on. If you weren't good enough for him, he wasn't good enough for you.

    • ur so sweet :) i like you <3.. between.. this man below is posting my pic and harassing me.. can u please report it..

    • Eh just ignore him too lol people like to troll. And even the guy who gave you step by step instructions on 'fixing' your appearance. Ignore him too. You're pretty and as long as you're happy with yourself that's what matters, like I said someone is going to love you for you, it may take time but you'll find him.

  • According to your profile pic, you kinda look like grain leaves, maybe he is on a no carb diet?

  • Wish I could see your pic