Girls, give Me Your Honest Opinion?

Give Me Your Honest Opinion?
Alright This is me.... This was taken this morning while i was in class waiting for my teacher to show up... It's awkard but that's just How i am. Not like a uhh... you'll feel uncomfortable awkward... but like the good kind... Like I love to make people smile wether that be by making you laugh by doing something stupid, telling you a corny joke or just being someone to get stuff of your chest.... I have this perception that I'm like really unattractive and that I well... ugly... Like I always feel like I look horrible but yea... this is me... And honestly what is your opinion of me after look at this picture? scale 1 -10 , bang wouldn't bang, smash or pass, detailed description I don't care how you want to put it, just give me your opinion... That's all I want


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  • I don't think your bad looking at all. From looking at you, u seem like what u described about yourself, such as someone u could confide in & laugh with. U look like ur a cool & sweet guy. Like a guy u could go out with & have a good time. A guy that's genuine & not like a player. I don't like & don't give ranking numbers, I Feel It's degrading & mean. I think your a good looking guy. Don't be down on yourself, u don't have anything to be down about. :)

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