Girls, in your eyesights what could I do to become a 7?

Like improvements I could make


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  • Be confident.
    Therefore do whatever you have to do to be confident. :D

    • I'm confident but then there's always a person who tears me back down

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    • Not at all. You are what you think you are basically. It doesn't matter how you look. A good looking guy will be unattractive to me if he's down on himself all the time. I'd rather date a more unattractive, confident guy. So the issue isn't your looks, it is your attitude. :p Luckily, you can change that! Like I said, I think you would benefit a lot by seeing a counselor. ^^

    • Good luck!

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  • Smile 😊 😊 😊

    • Don't really know how to if you have had the rough life I have had you wouldn't either

  • Smile and hit the gym more

  • You're not fat but hitting the gym will do you well. Plus smile more often.

    • Not really sure how too if you have experienced the kinds of things in life I have you could see why smiling doesn't exist to me

    • Okay, abandon your learned helplessness and hit the gym.

    • You don't think I have a good chest and nice arms

  • a lot of Plastic surgery

    • Thanks for your opinion its part of the reason I just wanna say fuck finding a girlfriend

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