Girls, would u date me?

I'm 21 years old Asian guy. I'm funny. I'm 5'11. I'm doing my bachelors in Information Technolgy. I like watching movies and animes. And I love programming. I like going to parties and get drunk. Though I dont do it much. I am a light smoker. I dont like travelling cuz I've got motion sickness. I'm an open minded, practical thinker.
And, to know how I look u can see my profile picture.That's pretty much me.

Now, would u date me??? If not then what kinda girls would date me? Or if were to hit on a girl, what kinda girl should she be ??


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  • It's hard to say. You look cute I must say, but I can only if I'd truly know how your personality is :) like in person :p but you seem like a good catch by the things you wrote about yourself :)


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  • You seem like a good guy. I would date you if you stopped smoking and you dyed your hair to its original color because I don't know I thinks people should embrace their hair color

    • hehe.. :p
      tq for your opinion...
      and I thought that the hair color looked gud on me :/

  • you actually seem like a nice guy. i dont think id be able to date you though sins i love travling :/

  • Never dating Asians is part of my dating life policy.

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