Girls, do you think I'm attractive/could you see me as being attractive if I changed my style or looks?

I've never really been told I'm attractive before and I haven't had more than 2 girlfriends in my life. I'm just curious to know what girls think of me at a first glance. Don't be afraid to be honest.


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  • I think that you are super cute! I noticed on your profile that you said that you are introverted. Maybe girls dont approach you because you are shy? Maybe you need to work on your confidence. People find it a lot easier to approach someone who is smiling and confident.

    • Thanks for the feedback, and on the subject of being shy or introverted I don't know how to change that I just think girls don't like being hit on constantly so I try not to do that

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    • So you think I should be more assertive? I just don't wanna come off as desperate or anything.

    • You won't come across as desperate if you are just friendly. You have a beautiful smile, so smile more. Girls will be attracted to this as it is a sign of confidence. Most guys who lack confidence won't look a girl in the eyes.

  • You are cute. You can definitely be attractive.