What do guys think of hair on your stomach?

Okay this is embarrassing.. But do guys care if you have like hair on your stomach? Is it disgusting? And how can I in that case get rid of it? I have dark hair...I can't shave or wax because it will get worse..


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  • Okey, hair on a girl, anywhere except of her head gives me the shivers. I feel like i wanna go to the toilet. AND PUKE.

    Waxing the hair won't make it worse. it will go away completely. Also i think they have these machines that pluck all the hair out.
    i am not sure how its called but it looks like this


    Also, shaving or triming will make it worse because the hairs will grow thicker. but plucking or waxing will completely get rid of the hair and ur body will have to grow baby hairs again.
    Hope that helps, i dont wanna see hair.


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  • For guys it isn't disgusting it's normal I don't give a shit about it, but for girls u should make lasers

  • If you have hair there I can only imagine how hairy your ass is


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  • Actually, it's not bad to shave/wax it. I had this problem when I was younger. I shaved it so much that it barely grows back. I have to shave maybe once every 2-3 weeks. That goes for the rest of my body hair too, I think the roots died, which doesn't hurt my feelings.

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