IM Hispanic but recently I've gotten that I look black like what? how? they never told me that before and im not but what do you think>?

Im Hispanics hispanics are mixed but we dont look "black" I've gotten everything Hispanic from different countries like Mexico, Honduras, EL Salvador, Puerto Rico, Colombian, Cuban, Mixed black and white, Indian, American, even Chinese so what dodo you think and I did it black and white so the color wouuldnt be a factor,,, and pls no dumb or rude answers

Like it doesn't really matter but Im just curious


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  • ?
    Keep in mind that all blacks don't look the same and we're not all one shade.
    I know quite a few hispanics that look black.
    My best friend is hispanic and on her dads side her family looks black (Dominican)
    And my sisters boyfriend's family is hispanic (puerto rican) but they look black as well.

    • i know but its confusing like I can't see it myself so thats why im wondering how do some people see that because not everyone says that to me either? so thats my question

    • Well I don't see a picture?

    • i made a new question go see and the picture is in black and white so the color wouldn't be a factor

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  • Do you have brown skin?


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  • It's normal people have asked me if I'm mixed, Latino, and even Indian. I'm none of Those so it does even matter they're just guessing

  • Hispanic people share the same ancestry as black people.