Guys, hi... Uuummm... I'm new here and I just wanted to know if guys like girls like me?

I have short, dark brown hair and I don't see myself as skinny but some people say I am...... If I first meet you I'm shy but when I get to know you I can be loud, angry, but mostly happy and my dad says that I usually see the brighter side of things... Sometimes I'm really quiet and I act tough but I'm really just a weak, 5 foot 3 teen girl..... My mom compliments my features like my legs and my dad said that he like my eyebrows.... Weird right?...😬 plus my best friends say that they like my butt and that they wish they had my boobs....anyways I need your opinion and sorry about the long description oh and my dad says I say sorry too much... I guess that I don't like to hurt people's feelings...... HELP ME!😁


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