Guys, what do you think?

I just want to know what guys think when they see me. I am five foot seven, 110 pounds. I have long blond hair and bright blue eyes. I am usually wearing a subtle tee shirt or sweater with a cardigan, blue jeans and either toms, converse or flats. I am somewhat quiet when you first meet me but as you get to know me you see that I am playful and fun. I love school and leaning and love reading books. I love watching all different types of television shows and movies from nerdy things like Star wars, Star trek, Dr. who and Supernatural to romantic movies like The Vow or The Notebook to Action like The Borne Identity To Documentaries. In my free time i am either baking, watching television or cruising pinterest. And you will most defiantly find me listening to music. I love little kids. I love to play the piano and sing.

My main question:
What would you think of me if you saw me walking down the street? Be honest what would be your thoughts? As you got to know me how would you view me?


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  • Since we all do not know how you actually look, we can't answer it honestly...

    Since we don't know about you what you have written here (which by the way sounds pretty interesting to me) when we meet you on the street we dont know anything about you.

    So if you want an honest answer, post a pic, if you dont have any problems with it.

    by the way.: when i read 110 pund i was like wtf how fat is she? then i remembered you dont use the metric system... :D

    • I totally understand :) Just wondered by what I did write what you might think. Obviously you're thoughts about me might change the more you got to know me but by first glance what might you think. If you get what Im saying.

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  • If that is your actual physical description I would probably think you were pretty beautiful just passing you on the street and you would only get better as I got to know you :) I have to ask though how can you be a TREKKIE and a STAR WARS fan? Those sci-fi universes do not like each other very much haha

    • Hahaha you're so funny! I love both Star Wars and Star Trek, even if they don't get along ;) And yes that is my actual description, this is anonymous why would I lie?

    • Thanks :) who knows its the internet people can make up anything they want (not saying you would though)

    • Totally understand :) I'm being completely honest here. The only thing I would say i'm unsure about is my weight. I have allergy check ups every six months and every time I go I vary: 114 pounds 110 pounds 107 pounds. So Just kinda gave an estimate there.

  • You sound attractive from your description but I don't know how I'd react to seeing you without a seeing a picture of you

  • You sound hot. Pics would confirm. I love the fact you're a sify lover. So that makes you even hotter.

    • Haha thanks :)

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    • thanks, I just might take you up on that ;)

    • Looking forward to someday meeting you.

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