Is cellulite and/or stretch marks a big turn off for guys?

I am 5'3 and 118 pounds, and I recently lost like, 20 lbs. I am happy with my current weight because I am much more healthy, however I have strech marks and cellulite around my butt even though I'm pretty skinny now. I was wondering if this is a really big turn off for guys bcs its unnatractive?

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  • meh, I guess if I dig you and it's part of you then it has to be beautiful. I used to work in the adult entertainment industry and it was as common among the glamour models and pornstars as regular girls, photoshop, filters and lighting go a long way! If a guy finds those things a turn off then his options will be extremely limited and for a fairly stupid reason.


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  • no prob with me basically

  • Lol 118lb i press dumbells that weigh more than you. Hell no I don't care about stretch marks lol

  • I don't like stretch marks or cellulite but it's not ugly or a turn off for me. 99% of guys couldn't care less about stretch marks or minor imperfections on a girl's body


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