Girls, girls rate me 1-10, comment + long or short hair?

Ok. Im 18 and from Slovenia (Europe) although im half Slovenian / Half 5ft11, brown eyed with short chesnut hair....

me with longer hair:
me with shorter hair: ,

Also what nationality do I look like? Some say I look russian, some german, some English even lol


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  • Long hair looks way nicer on you than short, suits you.

    • thank you! and how would you rate me? any other suggestions?

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    • thank you :) and how do I look in general? i had one girlifrend but I have somehow bad self esteem :/

    • I don't really think you should worry about how you look you look really nice.
      You look very healthy, you have nice skin and a pretty face and I really like your eyes to be honest. :)