Not a normal question but I need some help! :). ?

Can someone caption this for me? My sister is entering in a gopro contest and needs a funny/creative caption to win! Thanks! :)
Not a normal question but I need some help! :).   ?


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  • "Soaring above the waves was an experience only GoPro can capture."
    I'm usually good at writing captions since I'm a yearbook staff member at my school.. Give us some information: Name, place, time, date, age, who was there? why were you there? quote from person in photo, what did you feel that day? how has GoPro benefited your life? etc.

    • I appreciate your comment but I'm looking for more of a comedic caption. For example there was one with a snowboarder carrying her board up a mountain with footsteps behind her all the way down and it was captioned "that's the last time I lose my lift pass"

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  • Not really funny but...
    "Surfing the Sky"
    Sort of looks like a surfboard
    I guess you could expand it to the clumsy sounding but slightly funnier
    "Looks like the sky and water switched, because I'm surfing the sky"
    Both are awful, but you can't fault me for trying. Still not sure what that picture is of exactly.

    • Thanks for trying haha! I'll consider it! I appreciate it a lot though

    • No problem

    • You could also caption it "where the sky ends the water begins... wait, which is which anyways"