Judging by appearance what type of guy do you think I'd be into and why type of guy do you think I attract?

I'm curious because I think I attract the wrong guys...I do have a type that I'm into but they're not the ones who hit on me if any do. Often guys don't approach me and I'm looking to find a bf so I want start doing some approaching. However first I to know what kind of guy I should be looking for.


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  • Judging someone by looks alone is not an accurate way to gauge them. But judging by your question I think you're looking for someone that's stable, mature, treats you right and all that good stuff. The type that have been approaching you are guys that don't respect you, have an attitude problem, and are essentially lowlifes. mirite?


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  • A black guy.

    • @croxy may I ask what makes you think that?

    • Because, like it or not, we're generally more comfortable dating people with same skin color, which leads to the majority of couples being same race

      So it's probably because what I'm used to see affects my point of view

    • Ah ok :) Thanks for your response.

  • Black guys for both questions

    • Can I ask why you'd think that? And what is your ethnicity?

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    • Fair enough, flirt with them because many had no clue.

    • Flirting really isn't my thing but I will try :) Thanks

  • A rapper or a basketball player probably.

    • No way XD defiantly not my type.

    • Well that seems like the type you would attract. I don't know what specifically you are into, but I would want to approach you but would think I would not be your type (because I'm not a rapper/jock)

    • ... man that's kind of disappointing. I don't mind the jock so much but a rapper (not someone I want to prefer to attract).

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