Girls, how do ı look?

Girls how do ı look ? Be honest please :) If u want u can rate me ..

up up up :)


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  • I would give you an "I". For "insecure". You shouldn't feel the need to ask complete strangers how you look or to rate you. That's not where your validation or feeling of "value" should come from.

    You know what girls find attractive and would put you high on the ratings scale? Someone who is a man. A man who shows class, respect, chivalry and doesn't focus on his own looks. A man who is secure and confident, but not a prick. A man who helps others. A man who would never lead a girl on if he wasn't serious about her. A man who wouldn't post shirtless pictures on the internet, or lots of selfies with vapid "I could be a model" facial expressions.

    If you go around on social media posting pictures of yourself to get people to "like" it, you are going around life the wrong way and EVERYONE knows exactly why you are doing it. It's childish and does not bear the qualities of a real man.

    • thanks for your opinions but this pictures is not me , this is my friend and ı m wondering how do he look because he loves my darling and ı m scared to lose my darling..

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