Should I finally shave?

Recently, I've been contemplating shaving.

Of the three options, which do you think looks best?

No beard (just a small goatee): albums/ee174/ahsss7272/Mobile% 20Uploads/1B7F8833-93EF-4883- B3FD-7F91215EFAA4.jpg

Short beard: albums/ee174/ahsss7272/Mobile% 20Uploads/9424E679-81D3-4C88- 8646-15C4E5A4E1C1.jpg

Long beard: albums/ee174/ahsss7272/Mobile% 20Uploads/2D712D18-8464-4EA6- 8311-7A6A730DD05E.jpg

  • No beard
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  • Short beard
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  • Long beard
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Making a new question since nothing embedded.


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  • guy at my gym had your beard, same guy I mentioned a long time ago. he shaved it, doesn't look bad at all. I picture the same on you.


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  • I would do what your comfortable with, you shouldn't care what others think!


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