Girls, rate & Date. What would you rate me, and would you date me based on my profile picture?

title says it all. be honest but please stay respectful. im just trying to re-invent myself. hehe



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  • Hard to say, because I only see your face. But based on the face you look handsome. :-)
    If you are also tall and a nice guy, I would consider you quite a catch.

    • thanks blush :) im 5'10, and i consider myself a nice guy. im actually broken up right now over a girl I've been seeing last weekend, we kissed and so on, and here shows up her ex who cheated on her, who left her and their son for another girl, and now he is jealous and she is confused, has a beef with her mom about that guy, and im in the middle of it all.

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    • well im not going to write her for the rest of the week. next week ill phone her, and just ask her how she is doing, if she worked on her appartment and wants to hang out with me and just have fun. guess thats all i can do for now.

    • Yes. Sounds like a good plan. :-)