I hate parties?

Well, i never liked parties and dancing they are so boring for me but my other friends like them so what can i do?? I am very shy too and i can t approach girls not necessary for a relationship just because i want to talk..i find my self very boring?any solutions?


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  • Do you poop them?


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  • What do YOU like to do? See if your friends are interested in that. And once you have a little liquid courage inside of you, I'm sure you'd open up. :)

    • i am interested in gaming... i have some friends that i play but they are away

    • You can play online or have a little "gaming" party. I had friends that used to have Mortal Kombat tournaments. Easy way to talk to girls and enjoy yourself.

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  • I don't like as well and I'm happy. That's not a problem. Dancing in hard parties are a problem for me. You shouldn't see this as a problem.

    • i see this because of girls... i think girls find me boring.. and i believe i am

  • Parties are rather stupid.
    1. Get drunk
    2. Have sex
    3. Vomit
    4. remember nothing cause you we're drunk
    What a way to live.