What so I need to improve with my body?

What would you rate my body and what would I need to improve?


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  • You are really lovely just as you are. There is nothing that NEEDS to be done. If however you feel the need to slim down a bit, just be careful what you eat. Portion size and exercise are the keys. Most people eat far too much, more that what they need to live on. 3,500 extra calories is very roughly 1lb in weight. So a piece of gooey cake every day at about 500 calories is 1lb per week. 4 lb per month. Over 3 stone in a year. I know, I've been there. Now 2 stone down from this time last year, for very little effort.
    But looking at your pic, so many men would want you just the way you are. Really is no need for action unless YOU want to. Just don't overdo it and become anorexic. Take good care!!

    • How many pounds? 20?

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    • Food: Be aware of calories, that's what it's all about, as well as being balanced. Carbs, protein, veg, fats and sugars have to be in the correct ratio. measure what an 8" (20cm) circle looks like on a dinner plate. That is your main meal total portion size. Nothing is piled up and each food type has its own place in that circle. Use low fat products always. No high calorie mayo for example, use light mayo or even lighter-than-light mayo. Don't have fruit juice, it's full of fructose, fruit sugars. A nice thing, though. Allow yourself 2 treats a day, both to be about 100 calories. For example, 2 ginger nut biscuits mid afternoon if you get peckish.
      Results: slowly but surely you will lose 1/4 to 1/2 lb per week. Don't get upset if your weight goes up and down a bit, mine sure does!! But the general trend is down. Important thing is to stop losing when you feel yourself as being ok. Please, please do not overdo it. remember, it's not a diet, it's just a different way of eating.

    • Sorry if I'm a bit technical, but this info was passed on by a friend of my mums who attended a 12 week course (2 hours a week). I'm always here if you need more help or encouragement

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  • it's not rocket science, you just need to do a lot of cardio to get slimmer and hit the weights to tone up, and you should be fine. Looks like you have a decent rack, so you already have a head start.

  • Very good already, don't need to improve.

  • Pic for you

    As for your body, if you cut down on some body fat percentage, you would have a nice, thick body. You seem to be full featured so if you just tidied up a little bit, you'd have a tight but curvy body.

    • She actually have a nice body. I agree with you

    • Yeah, agreed. It's a little soft looking so her curves aren't really emphasized like they could be. But I don't like really skinny girls, so QA's body is closer to what I like.

    • She has a sexy body

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  • You have a nice body, soft girls are so cute. Only improve things you want to improve that make you feel better for yourself, don't listen to anyone else, your body is great.

  • Legs! :) Squats, lunges, and all that shiet. But you got a nice body :)