Why does this guy keep looking at me?

I've noticed on several occasions that this guy would look at me. We have social studies together and he sits diagonally in front of me. We are 17. I see him looking at me pretty much every day. I was thinking maybe I was imaging it but i see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye too. And when I glance back at him he would pretend to look at someone behind me or dart his eyes another direction. Sometimes we make eye contact. He's the most talkative guy in my history class and he talks to other girls.

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  • He thinks you look very attractive. Quickly looks away because he doesn't want to be embarrassed or give it away too easily.
    I did the same thing back in my school years.

    • Even the really talkative guys do this?

    • Some do. I had a friend like that. We often talked about girls and the things he did which included looking at them.

    • Oh ok thanks. I hope he doesn't think I'm ugly.

  • he likes u but he cannot keep eye-contact basically


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