Lilac coloured hair?

If I were to dye my hair lilac, should I dye my eyebrows? Like wtf do I do with my eyebrows.
Lilac like these:,1327196.html

Or if you don't trust my links you can look up Lilac Hair (or pastel hair) on google.

My question tho is what to do with my eyebrows? I have dark eyebrows, and thicker eyebrows.


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  • Dying your eyebrows is a pain in the ass. Frankly, everyone already knows your hair is fake, so I would skip it. When people are going for a 'natural' dye look, it's more important, but even then, your eyebrows grow back same as your hair and if you think roots showing looks bad on hair, imagine it on your eyebrows.


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  • Lol no, just keep your eyebrows normal.

    • But the colour is pale, and my eyebrows are near black xD

    • Then don't colour your hair that ugly colour lol