Guess my race/ ethnicity?

This question is just for fun and all the information on my profile is fake except my age and picture (I changed it) . lets see who gets it right XD :3
ok let me give a hint (my country)"Island " XD


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  • Somewhere in central America I could guess. or you could be Indian or middle eastern or North African or south American.

    Your race is mixed. I can't say what races exactly were involved though I could guess, but knowing your origins and your country would help in that. And this mixture exist in many places. For example there are types of people in Middle east or India or east Asia that you cannot really say their difference with a south American native or mixed native. This is because in both places the same or closely related races existed and got mixed together and what was made though they might have some different features, generally look alike.

    So I can't really tell from which country or nationality you are just with your face.


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