Diet suggestion?

I need to lose 3 kgs in less then 2 weeks. Any diet suggestions?


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  • Perform aerobic exercises twice everyday, totally cut sugar to nil. Have no oils, or fats. very few carbs. But u can have fruits and natural sugars in it. and also protein to not loose too much muscle.
    Also dont think missing ur breakfasts or lunch or dinner would help.
    Infact never miss any and eat a little in between.
    when we wake up our metabolism is low. and if u do not eat anything it continues to be slow.
    What u need is to keep ur metabolism running so u can wake up and have an apple first. it ll kick start ur metabolism and then we do not feed it a full heavy diet, instead imited food comprising of fiber and protein.
    u can pop in a chewing gum after 2 hours to again trick ur metabolism to speed up but we won't give any actual food. this way u end up burning more then u eat.
    Eat through out ur day but eat limited. Do not miss out on ur vitamins and minerals. so have ur fruits. have papaya lots of it. it ll make u feel fuller without actually giving u much calories.
    and aerobic exercises. any exercise which makes u to the point of just running out of breath. like constantly be at 70 to 80 percent of that point. u ll burn a lot of fat.
    If u follow what m implying u may end up loosing 5 kgs


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  • When my gf was a model she only ate oatmeal with nothing added to it and she lost weight super fast.


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  • Removing bread and lots of pastas as well ask baking everything I eat has helped me lose a lot of weight. I also only really eat fish and chicken. I was 178.6 pounds now I'm pushing into the 140s

    • Ahh removing all the carbs would be really hard. I love carbs :(. Im 110 pounds now.

    • Seems like ur at a pretty good weight

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