I can't get girls attention. Is it my looks or what?

Im an IT Consultant. Confident, intelligent and hard working.
I speak German, Spanish and English .
I work mainly in the the States but I travel to Europe for work (Barcelona, London, Munich).
I have an excellent salary, zero debts, a house paid for, truck and a motorcycle.
I go on holidays to some pretty rad places (Greek Isles, Morocco, Japan etc).

But, Im still single.

Im a little introverted, but I can speak in public with no problem.
Im kinda picky with girls, it only takes one sentence for me to get put off by a girl.

I once ended a date ( a loooong time ago) right after dinner, she told me "I watch MTV, I love reality shows, Kardashians and stuff". I thought "You must have SHT for brains".

Anyway...I hate being smart! I see to many details!

I have coworkers who are relaxed, care free and they go out on dates.
So, does this mean that, if your analytical and curious, girls will look at you like "Yuck"?

Im searching for that right one:
Sweet. Feminine. Caring. Beautiful smile. Cute face.

BTW: I love curves. I DO NOT like skinny girls!


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  • You may be a little too picky and put off too quickly. Dates are nerve wracking, maybe they say something stupid that normally they wouldn't. I think we've all done that. Maybe you should give it a couple of dates before you decide. They may just need to get comfortable with you and get to know you. No one is perfect and we all have flaws of some sort so cut them a little slack you may be missing out on a really great woman by dismissing her so quickly. Love can happen very unexpectedly and sometimes with someone unexpected. Being smart is a good quality maybe consider where you meet women and where you could meet a like minded intelligent one.

    • What you say is pretty solid.

      My problem, I guess, is that (to be brutally honest) a lot of girls and not wife material.
      Most of them pose, pretend, are either to quirky or "too cool for school", or just brats.
      Or, they play hard to get, play mind games and other idiotic behavior akin to High School rather than real life. I can't stand it.

      I honestly prefer to work on a Saturday, get things done, rather than sit through a date with one of these girls.

      But surely, as you say, love can arrive unexpectedly.
      I will be more patient and open to meeting and dealing with people.


    • I totally get it I don't like mind games either. Are you dating younger women? Sounds like you'd relate better to a more mature woman. If however you're looking to settle down and have kids then younger would be better.

    • Thats the thing, I have been dating younger women.

      I have dated older women, but I feel like Im going out with a senior citizen. No offense!
      The look in their eyes is like "Hmmm... your a good catch. We can settle down, live at your place and I'll be happy".

      I can't help but think that, the same women, where full of BS when they were younger, and now they want to settle down after being petulant and stuck up.
      Age makes a lot of women put their feet on the ground and extracts their heads out their ***.

      I have been to Mexico a couple of times, relationships over there are simple. Men and women get along just fine. There is something about girls down there... they are feminine, sweet and open to knowing you. No, there not looking for money. I find that talking to girls down there is so easy, they look at you, smile and are not full of themselves.

      I like younger girls. But I cannot, for the Love of God, find a good one.

      I guess its me. Gotta look inward and find out whats wrong ;)

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  • you're a very smart, successful guy and that shouldn't be a problem... women like a man with a set future and security, along with being able to go places we only dream of. With that being said, thats not all that girls look at. Yes, its nice, but a genuine, laid back personality is very important. Now, you seem to be genuine. However, i think you could use a little lightening up!
    there's nothing wrong with being picky or noticing tiny details, but that gets stressful and it closes off a lot of opertunities.
    You have the right to set standards but keep in mind, we girls are not perfect. We like things men dont. I think you being you is good, no need to change your personality to fit the "laid back and easy" look, but just loosen up a little on the things you get hung up on about a girl. Try to see things from a less analytical point of view and maybe that will help

    • I will try to be more laid back nad less analytical.
      I must admit, it is VERY stressful to be this way.
      Im also a spiritual person, so bumping into a girl that is spiritual is rare (in my experience).
      But yeah, definitely will put in the effort :)

    • Well good!
      And yea, i understand that. I think thats very important if thats something you value.
      But of course, hope things work out!

  • It's probably not your looks. But, telling a girl she must 'SHT for brains' because she likes something you don't, isn't gonna go over very well.
    Maybe you need to get over yourself.

    • To me, saying your into the Kardashians is like saying your into SCAT.

      And Im a pretty humble guy, easy going and always listen to what people have to say.
      Im not proud or stuck up, but I can't stand BS.

      I guess I have to lighten up.

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    • I "thought" of it, I didn't tell her!

    • Ahh okay, well that's good. I would say lighten up a bit.

  • You didn't mention how good looking u are, how u dress, how interesting and fun u are and how good of a flirt u are.

    U have a lot of substance but u have to interest women on the outer level first before they will want to get to know u deeper

  • no its okay to be picky just not a dick about it basically :) and smart geeky guys are my fave :D so don't worry my boyfriends a big nerd its great he's @McKsweg

    • I guess I can project some arrogance.
      But, contrary to how I come across, Im a spiritual person.
      Kinda hard to have that combo I think: smart, pretty and spiritual.
      I'll try to polish myself a little more, I may be laking something I haven't figured out yet.

  • You sound a bit arrogant. Which can be off puting to some women. You can't just shoot someone down because she likes certain shows. That's superficial

    • Oh c'mon!
      MTV and Kardashians ARE superficial! That channel and show are an insult to any IQ higher than 50.
      I agree that I shouldn't shoot people down, its true. To each his own.

  • you think you're way too smart. you dont seem easy to talk to.

    • You may kinda proud, I'll give ya that.
      But in terms of not being easy to talk to: wrong.
      Im a really down to earth, simple and friendly guy.
      If girls don't approach me or talk to me, I guess Im not that attractive. I can live with that.

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    • girls usually won't approach you if you seem too judgmental. we shy away from guys like that no matter how hot we are. it's great that you're rich and all but just be more laid back. joke around and smile more. you're also confident so try to approach girls instead of waiting for them to approach you. i personally feel clingy when i approach a guy for some reason. i don't want to annoy him.

    • I will follow your advice.
      Im the type of person that likes to be told he's failings.
      Only when you identify a flaw can you solve it. Dont you think?

      Anyway, my opinion of your "clingy":
      You, being a woman, feel kinda "entitled" to be approached. Your the prize, not vice versa.
      So, by not making the effort to approach a guy, you maintain your status.

      Its funny that, you could easily approach a guy, in a friendly manner and go out, but you refuse to do so. Have you ever wondered if, by doing so, you've failed to connect to someone truly special?

      Think about it.

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  • Hermano espaƱol, creo que tu problema es que eres muy picky.

    You should open more your mind when dating girls. We all have a girl in our minds, and we want our future wife to be like that, but that's basically impossible, so we gotta be more open to other girl's tastes.
    I'm kinda picky too, and here I am, single. But I'm working on it, and you should too.

    • Hey dude. I hear ya :)
      I will try to be more lenient and open.
      Its gonna be hard! Although I am definitely NOT dating a girl who has her head up her ***.

      But, mostly pretty girls are the ones with their heads up their *** X0

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    • The thing with beautiful girls is that when they get approached is usually by an asshole, so they develop this defense system, and they also expect someone to be different from other guys, so when they see your'e not something special, they'd assume you're just another regular guy that just wants her body.
      With the prettier girls, charm is very important, more than with other girls.

    • C'man man! Lots of pretty girls LOVE confident jerks. Its a known fact.
      And if they want something "special" in a guy, then its because they feel like someone special as well. Believe me: I ain't got the time and energy to be chasing stuck up chicks,
      Thanks for the advice.

  • "Im kinda picky with girls, it only takes one sentence for me to get put off by a girl."

    There you go.

    • A lot of girls are very primitive in my opinion.
      I can't stand vain conversations.

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    • Well do you want a bombshell or do you want a nice quiet not so much of a bombshell? Cause most of the ladies your age that are stunning and intelligent are taken already.

    • What makes you think I want a bombshell?
      Although I must admit, like I said, I LOVE a woman with meat on her bones.
      Dont mind if their black, Asian, eastern european: whatever.
      So long as their sweet, bubbly, smart, spiritual and feminine, I'll be happy.

  • u a fatty chaser? u shudnt have any probs

    • Hahahaha! LOL!
      No, I dont like fat girls, I like curvy girls :)

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    • so fat... lol

    • Naah man :) Just plain curvy. Its different! Lol!