How unattractive are these skin conditions?

So I have psoriasis of the scalp ever since i could remember and a few spots on my back, and I just got back eczema from when i was born on my hand and elbow. My hand comes and goes along with some of the psoriasis but it something I have to live with forever. Sometimes when I'm talking to someone, they kinda look at my head and I know why and it sucks! If I could get rid of it I would but I can't. And its gross because its like permanent dandruff, and when it does go away for a little my scalp turns really red. It definitely takes a tole on my self confidence especially when people kinda just keep looking at it, and i don't blame them, but I'd rather they ask sometimes. please try to be kind haha

Also just found out it's mostly do to my thyroid which I'm also having problems with
but without knowing there reasons, would you be automatically turned off or repulsed?


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  • I have eczema on the inside of my arms, sometimes I get a scalp patch of psoriasis and on other parts of my body as well. I've managed to keep it away from eating healthy more natural foods, raw lemon juice, natural soaps, and watching my clothes detergants. Trying to manage my stress and anger levels. Maybe you need a little more iodine. Eczema and psoriasis hasn't affected my dating life or my social life in general. Like anyone there's going to be people who are understanding about it. We're all adults and we keep in mind these things happen to people. It isn't like you have an infectious disease so it shouldn't be like too up there on anyone's lists of concerns.


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