Make up looks perfect in the mirror, disgusting in pics?

Which one do I believe? I don't wear make up much, but once in a while, i have ugly days where my face looks so tired and stuff so I NEED to wear make up lol, going without isn't an option those days. Anyway, i think I do my make up quite nice, and in the mirror it looks quite nice. My foundation blends in nicely and naturally. Now when I take pics it's another story, it looks terrible. It looks very pale and not natural at all, it looks like I put talcum powder all over my face or like casper or something.

Shall I believe my pics or my mirror? Girls, have you ever had this issue?


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  • The mirror.

    The way the lens of a camera distorts, the way it interprets color and light, the way storing the image changes the texture of things means you can't trust the image to be true to life.

    Even a high end end camera in the hands of most professionals doesn't truthfully capture reality. If you're talking about the camera on a cell phone taking impromptu snaps, those problems are even more exaggerated.


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  • I do a lot of photography. Even experts better than I, can never tell the truth in a photograph. Every camera is different, colours look different, everything can be different. That's why we have Photoshop and other post production software, to try and improve what the camera is saying. Trying to make the photo as close to the original subject as possible.
    Believe your mirror!! It won't lie to you!! Cameras do!!


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  • so make up has a different texture to your real skin... i get this when i am tanned or a bright flash goes off and i look all drained...

    The realistic thing is its a camera and flash issue, not your make up... go with your eyes and not via a lens which is a simulation these days of a real image. Everything is LCD and so is not a true colour representation.

    Just dont wear a huge amount of make up and you will be fine :)

  • yea cameras have a tendency to whiten out makeup etc. Make sure you apply in natural light like near a window. If your makeup looks good in natural light and in person then don't worry about pictures.