Girls, how do I look? What can I improve?

I want to know people's honest opinion. MHO goes to whoever gives the most helpful and honest opinion, whether its negative or not. I need tips on what i can do to improve my overall look. I didn't want to take the best picture i possibly could i just wanted an average picture of me. I want to talk to a girl that I've seen in the hallway at school but im not very confident with my look, and some other things are holding me back i guess

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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you want my honest opinion, I think you'd look great if your hair was just a little tiny bit longer and you smiled more. Its gotta be genuine though. Aside from that, I'd say you're attractive. As long as your personality is in check, she should like you :) Talk to her, go for it!

    • Im gonna post this question again before i get my next haircut and see what people say, and what do you mean smile more im smiling in both pictures 😏. I only see her alone once a day and she isn't always there, so im gonna try making eye contact if i see her and smile, then ill talk to her if i do that a few times and she seems interested. I have one other question though. After i say hi what should i do to make the conversation natural and make her comfortable? I saw something she said on Twitter saying she's shy until she gets to know you and she doesn't know what to say to random people. I know i could ask stuff about her, but if thats the second thing i say to her it seems a little weird

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    • Alright, what if after i greeted her i asked if she was coming from a certain class? Id probably say gym cause thats the area i see her in. Assuming she says gym i could ask what sport theyre doing right now, gym related stuff. I could get the conversation going to where i could ask if she's in any sports or if she likes any, cause i know she's in volleyball and she likes hockey a lot, which im also a big fan of

    • Sounds good to me. Make sure to be confident but not cocky though. If you ask her what's up, you might get lucky and she'll just say she's coming from gym or something. Less awkward and a little smoother that way. Don't get down if she shies out a little, just try again a day or two later.

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  • The position of your arm in this photo is a sign of low confidence, you should relax your arms at your sides. Also, your smile seems a little forced. when taking a picture, concentrate on something that makes you happy, rather than what you may look like. This will make your smile look natural. You have a nice hair color, but you could grow it out a little longer. You have nice style so don't change your clothes. and you also have a nice face, which is a blessing since that's something that can't be changed. lol :) over all i think you are attractive, but you need to relax more and gain a bit more confidence.

    • I usually dont take pictures with my arms crossed like that but ill remember the confidence thing, same with the smile ill try to make it more natural. I think before i get my next haircut ill ask this question again because my parents always tell me to get it cut shorter cause it looks better and even though i like shorter hair i like it when my hair's medium length, so we'll see what happens...

  • A smile will brighten any girls' day, and your's is great! Longer hair parted to the right is a cute way to style it.

  • It's a bit hard to see with the sunglasses, but I think you're cute but you could change your hairstyle a bit, maybe grow it out a little and do something cool about it :)

  • You have a very goofy look.

    • Could you explain why? It doesn't really help me if i dont know what looks goofy 😐