Girls, i'm just curious, does this have a secret message?

I have a couple friends that when I first started texting them, they all said "You don't look like someone who's single," is there some hidden message behind that or is this one of those it means what it says? Also, a rating wouldn't hurt. It's always best to have opinions on how you look from complete strangers.


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  • yeah i dont get it. depending on the context, it could b an insult, but when someone words it in such a sweet way, then it's quite nice.

    insult: 'hot' women r usually associated with being taken or being a slut unfortunately, so if we take it in a bad way, we're basically thinking that he's calling us too pretty to actually be appreciated for anything other than face value.

    compliment: in your case, someone could think ur so good looking that they can't believe someone isn't with u yet.

    one of the best compliments iv received: @mistninja314 "you look like someone's wife"