People tell me everyday that I'm very ugly is but it kills me?

I'm a guy, sure I'm ugly but people make me feel more distant and I feel like I was not created by god. I can not even get a girlfriend and people laugh at me. I even want to take my life because of that.. What can I do.. Please help me?

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Just wish to disappear from this people, somewhere very far and start over, it very difficult for one.. Life is very unfair sometimes?


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  • Hey. Ignore them! My own parents call me ugly and flat chested, I used to let it get to me, but ever since I stopped caring, I'm so much happier! Just ignore them! Who cares what other people say! Just be the best person you can be and you'll find a girl that loves you for you (:

    • I have tried but it too much difficult, is not only they say they discriminate me so difficult

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    • I'm trying but...,

    • Interesting when you look neither.

      OT: just ignore them you're clearly better than them :)

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  • What the hell... People who call others ugly are ugly themselves.

  • you are beautiful no matter what people say. god created all men and women in his own image.


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  • fuck them dude... as u feel ok with yourself don't mind about others basically...;-)

  • Truly fuck them dude, you can change ugly to sexy in a day, so do not be concerned about it. First change your personality and be good person , you can go behind looks later, and try finding company of those people whom are tortured and said ugly by society just like you and try making feel good, cause you are unique.

    When someone says you are ugly don't think like that you need to look good instead slap them with words by saying like :
    'God made me ugly cause, maybe I do not need beauty '
    ' yeah!.. You stole my packet of beauty, when God was making me'.

    Dude I know it hurts when they say it, feels like to become a villain, a devil and Satan and punish them, 'you called me ugly now face this ugliness in me'.

    But you cannot choose a wrong way so it's best that you just 'don't give a fuck about them'.

    • I understand but It not easy, what didn't I do everything you say are things that doing but no help. It very difficult for me

    • I know that side, cause I used to have really good looks then a infection caused pimples on face, now my face is fucked up too bad even I hate looking myself in mirror, I stopped meeting friends and even stopped seen girls, made myself a introvert, don't earn so not enough cash to get myself fixed up very nicely and don't want to ask for cash from parents.
      I just take care of my face in one way or another, cleaning etc just waiting for some way out then I might fix my face and also waiting for age of pimples to pass.
      Still whatever, it's your choice what you want to do and don't choose wrong and don't let their opinion change your decision and never underestimate yourself.

  • Suck it up. There are people worse than you and they choose to live through it all. Work hard, get rich and go get plastic surgery if you feel like you need it.

    You are 21 and can't get a gf? Big fucking deal. There people that are 40s and still can't get someone to love them.

    Life is not unfair sometimes, life is unfair ALL THE TIME. The sooner you can accept that, the sooner you can be happy with what you do have.

  • i have the same problem, i was always disappointed and i always think of cuicide.. for like 6 years but all that is from the past now, i have a gorgeous gf i've never think that she will be mine

    just ignore them do what you want dress well and try to find a girl for you and after that you will see that your life will change to a good way

    and people will always talk even if you were an angle so let them talk

  • The type of beauty that does not fade is on the inside.