Picture Sharing Website?

Okay I know there's one out there...
What is a website that you can share the link, and then it expires after the first view?
Like you send them the link, they can view it, but if they share the link with someone, or reload the page, the link is expired?


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  • One thing you will want to keep in mind if you want to go this route... is that someone can always just hit print screen and copy the image into photoshop or something, and have a permanent copy of the image. On a pc you would have no way of assuring that image 'died' after it was seen.


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  • I know you can do this with Dropbox! Hurray!

    • Having
      Dropbox myself, they point out that when you send the link to someone, they can pass it on. there are some security things you can do with DropBox Pro, but I don't know if making it disappear after viewing is possible. In fact, the purpose of Dropbox is collaboration, so people with the correct link (and security code for Pro version) can see it as long as it is in your files there.

  • Its a app I think... And umm.. What kind of pic you sending lol


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