Girls, rate this guy?

It's not me. It's some prankster from YouTube, girls seem to just make out with him without effort. Is it because he's really handsome? I can't tell as a straight dude.

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  • Okay i have to tell you that this guy is a fake!! Sure, his old kissing videos may be actually real footage, but his newer videos are scripted!!! He should not deserve all he attention that he gets om YouTube for being such a scam.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I know he fits some girls' preference, but he totally not mine.

    • Yeah I see anywhere from under 5 to 10. Maybe the answers are biased because of the fact that he's such a playa!

    • *snorts* Personally, I'd blow him off and probably wave him the finger as I went. But, he wouldn't post videos of all the times he got turned down, just the times he didn't.

  • He's like a 6 based off of looks. I don't think he's that cute lol but maybe they like him because he's funny. Good looks are a bonus. I think the personality is more important. Most girls are suckers for funny guys.

    • He practically makes out with them within 10 seconds.

    • Maybe they just want to be instagram famous? Lol Some people might just be desperate for attention from a so-called "famous" person.

  • Not my type

  • A six at most.