Do better looking people gravitate towards bigger cities?

Is it easier for good looking people to reside on small towns or big cities?


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  • I don't know about that. I was already born and partially raised in a larger city. Then I moved to a small town that I hated bc people made fun of me for my looks, my thinking, and how I dress. So I wanted to move back to New York city because it's where I'm most comfortable and no one really has room to make fun of anyone. College I hung out with the Philly kids. People from larger cities it's a different vibe and better energy, that's why someone would gravitate towards them in the first place usually.

    • So you stood out in a smaller town and preferred a bigger city so not to feel so singled out?

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    • Sounds pretty depressing!

    • It was. From now on I stay away from small towns. Stay in my beautiful concrete jungle. Where it's edgy faster paced, adventure everyday if I want it, no ones afraid of having their own style.

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  • No, but I feel like people who live in bigger cities definitely spend much more time trying to make themselves look pretty. So many more people = so many more people to judge you.

  • yes, it is all to do with looks, and once all the good looking people are in the city they kick out all the average looking people

    • Like discrimination? Lol.

    • i was being sarcastic, looks have nothing to do with why people move to cities

    • It was funny:)

  • only those who want 2 draw some attention basically... because bigger cities = more people...;-)

    • What about those people who are getting too much attention and people in their business so they go to a place where there is more polite indifference?

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