So I wanna know what you think about my attraction?

So i'm a bit overweight, i varry from 200-240 or so pounds throughout the year and i'm 5'10~12.
Its not like im a hulking mass of fat, I'm pretty comfortable with myself, i've been called cute and given a 6/10 when it comes to looks if that matters.

I really am not attracted to a girl if she's bigger or extremely close to me in size/weight. I actually feel quite ashamed because i'm hardly a judgmental person, but I can't help the way I feel. I like small cute girls ffs. I feel like a douche because i've had girls who liked me in the paste, but I just wasn't attracted to them. Then there's always the problems that the girls i'm attracted to are "out of my league"(yes i know that term is bullshit, just using it to give you an estimate of girls I happen to be attracted to.) But yeah I never have a chance with the girls that im attracted to and it makes me feel shitty about myself.

Do your worst, or your best.


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  • Your question is whether your description of yourself is attractive? To me it is not. Sorry.

    • no my attraction to women, maybe you should re-read...

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    • its not about if women find me attractive... its about how i feel about women.

    • Oh you're saying you are attracted to women who are out of your league. Ok well, good luck with that.

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  • Just be confident. Girls are more into confidence than physique, though the physique helps. that is why many girls go for the jerk-type of people: because they display confidence even if they misuse it