Can I get a rate x) ?

I hope i dont seem narcissistic lol, i'm just kinda curious to see what i'd get (not behind my back aha)
maybe a why too if you can, thanks:)

(sry can't really see my face, its my dp so yeah:P )
Can I get a rate x) ?

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  • (i dont think ill get a 10 XD )
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Asian/10

    You're pretty though.

    • So are you one of those people who has a thing against asians? Lol but thanks

    • Not against Asians dude.
      I have just never really been attracted to an Asian. It's just happened that way. I'm not "against Asians". Just because I'm not attracted to you and I wouldn't date you doesn't mean I'm "against you".

    • OK yeah oops that might have come out wrong, I just got a couple people go " I hate Asians " lol, but thanks for the opinion

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  • I don't rate people sorry but you're really beautiful and I love your dress too.

    • i'd never so this if i knew these people :S but thankyou you're really sweet!!

  • lovin the dress

  • You're really pretty! I'd be surprised if someone said you weren't! :)