Guys, i'm not a tomboy but I'm not girly, turn off or on? Here's a description as I don't know how to post a pic or if I want to (questions welcome)?

I love black (and purple) and leather jackets but I'm not goth. My typical outfit is jeans, knee high black boots, my leather jacket and a black shirt. I love camo. I drive a truck (canyon). I have long (to my butt) curly hair. I have 3 tattoos and am getting more, not to the point of being covered but I do enjoy getting tattoos. Umm what else...I'm a bit thicker. I would love if a guy took me on his Harley, took me mudding, went horse back riding, took me hunting (I have my hunters safety but not my pal so I can't go alone), took me to a bonfire, took me to a field and lay in the box of his truck, I'm not into super sensitive guys.


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  • Not my type, basically because we have absolutely nothing in common, so it wouldn't work out.

    • What are you into?

    • I'm more into girls that dress more girly, with more colors other than black. I like doing stuff like going to the beach, walk around the park, go to concerts or to clubs, watch movies...

    • Ah okay I see what you mean. I definitely have some girly aspects but Im not overly. I get fake nails and heels but I'm not into pink in the slightest. I like more edgy stuff i guess? I do love movies though and clubs but I'm talking date things and clubs aren't exactly where you go on a date

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  • Well leather jackets sound pretty cute, knee high boots too. I prefer leggings to jeans, but that still sounds very attractive. Now I'm not a fan of tattoos, but that's just me.

    I actually would love to take someone like you out hunting, or on my bike. Now, I do have a pet peeve though, do you know how to dress for those? I've taken girls out who don't know how to dress for cold outdoors, stylish in town but when we get out there, not so much...

    • My knee high boots are a staple, they're warm and flat so easy to walk in. If im at home I just go outside barefoot though. And yeah I don't do leggings persay but I bought lulus and I'm hooked, would wear em everyday if I could but I only have two pairs lol.

      Ah okay yeah I'm a big fan of tattoos. Mine so far are kind of memorial tattoos though. I have one on my back I got when I was 16 and my dad was in the hospital yet again, a cancer ribbon on my foot for my dad, my grandma and my uncle, and It is what it is on one side of my collar bone. nothing excessive.

      My friend had been so she's kind of told me but it's kind of common sense. You dress warm, wind is not exactly a warm embrace. and practical. As I said I'm not exactly girly and I'm from the country so looking stylish isn't a priority in situations like that.

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    • Yup, outside is pretty much my favorite place to be. I don't like the city though so I'm talking country and camping. You betcha french Canadian from manitoba. Yeah I have ridden before just not often because none of my friends have snowmobiles. So on the rare occaision yes

    • Nice, too bad you are so far away, you sound pretty cool. I'd love to try snowmobiling, it looks awesome. Do you have the whole snow-suit too? That's pretty hardcore

  • I hate when girls are too girly so not a turn off, sometimes it can be a big turn on for me personally.