I look like a kid. Turn off?

I have big, baby like eyes, sharp nose and full lips. I am 5'3 and quite slim. I look like a kid! Even my voice is like a kid Though everyone finds it sweet. Everyone who meets me ask in which grade I am. I am in college :(
Guys call me cute. But I wonder if looking young is a turn off.


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  • Well to certain guys its a turn off
    but everyone likes a cute girl =)

    I don't know, i tend to date gils who look a bit more mature

    • I like being cute. People describe me as an old soul but despite being almost 19, I can easily pass for a 12 years old :/

    • Just kidding. Maybe 14 would be appropriate :P

    • I think you exaggerate about looking like a 12 year old!
      Also its the way you dress that can make you look older
      if you want to look a bit more mature you can dress a bit differently =)

      Oh and i get the same thing! i look/act more mature than i am

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  • Lol no it's not a turnoff most guys love young looking girls
    A picture would have been better

    • I don't want to reveal my identity. Though thanks for your response (^_^)

  • WHAT DAFAUQ? how is that a turn off, u look cute that's... Huge

    • But those girls with model looks are quite mature than their age :|

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    • That's really comforting :) thanks a lot! ^.^

    • Sure, and trust your self u r amazing ;-)

  • No, I like the petite girls with small breasts.

  • Oh no no no... thats a turn on.. . iwould love for you to play cos play with me and dress up as a school girl and let me revash you


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  • It's not a turn off at all. Being young is preferred but there is one problem which is that guys might be afraid to hit on you if they think you are under age.

    • That comes across as a problem :|

    • wear a university t-shirt and most people will know you are over the age of 18.

  • if you literally look like a child its probably a turnoff to anyone but children and pedophiles. try to dress more mature and wear makeup and get a new hairstyle, that might help

    • I dress up nicely, wear makeup at times and have realllllyyy long hair like they are upto my knees lol... and I still look like a kid :/

    • the really long hair is probably not helping. I remember a lot of little girls had very very long hair. if you must keep your length, try getting layers if you don't have them already. if not, maybe cut your hair to your bra strap and get highlights.

    • I can't cut mu hair. I really really love them. Moreover, my parents look extremely young ss well. At least 10 years less than their age. So it seems like looking young is in my genes.

  • How old do you look exactly though?

    Big difference between looking like a 12 year old kid and a 15 year old lol

    I'm 18 and most people assume I'm 15. Whatever. Can't change it.

    • I am almost 19 and look like 14. It's in my genes though. My whole family looks extremely young

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    • Yes. I dress my age. I have hair upto my knees. I sometimes wear makeup.
      looking young is in my genes. My whole family looks young.

    • Your hair is down to your knees? Hot damn. That's a part of it.

      I had my hair to my butt, but I cut it to my waist and everyone is saying I look older now. You should consider a hair cut :)