Girls, I had an otoplasty surgery ( before-after ), can you comment?

I had an otoplasty surgery ( before-after ), can you comment ?
I have just taken this photo for before-after .

So what do you think, am i supposed to be regretful ?


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  • You look the same. Personally, I wouldn't have gotten surgery for something like that since it's pretty common to have ears like in the first photo. Also I think that was a waste of money on your part and only someone really shallow would say something negative about ears like the ones you had before. But if you're happy with the results, good for you. I don't think it made much of a difference. I don't know any woman who gives a fuck about someone's ears.

    • The common comment from my friends is that i was looking like a child before i had this surgery. So what do you think about that?

    • I think you look normal and unlike a child in both photos. I've never heard someone call someone else a child for having ears that go outward.

      I have ears like the ones in your second photo and I honestly felt a bit weird when I noticed not a lot of people I knew had them that close to their face.

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  • How can one possibly compare.
    Look at the before pic I can hardly see your face

    • Sorry, i couldn't find a better before photo without effects or effort for hiding my ears

    • Obama has ears like the first photo.
      If your ears made you insecure then you should feel better now

  • I have no opinion.

  • If the second photo is the after, I don't think you should regret it, looks nice

  • Ohh now you can't fly anymore, Dumbo.

    • Oh really

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    • I just can't delete this shitty question before 24 hours, i didn't know that :D

    • Now you know.

  • i dont think you should be regretful.. i think it looks fine both ways though.