Guys, ok guys I have this problem when I get fever blisters and is this a turn off for guys?

It happens when I dont put enough chap stick on and my lips being big they produce lot oil which produce fever blisters and I'm usually good at putting chap stick on but sometimes it doesn't go my way so is this a turn off they are usally there for two weeks maybe more if you dont treat them.


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  • Nope. It wouldn't bother me at all. I can see past pretty much any imperfection if I really like a girl


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  • Sounds like an allergic reaction or a viral reaction to me.
    Have you consulted your doctor regarding that?

    • Hhaha no its natural for girls with big lips and it happens usually when we get too stressed or in the winter times when people forget to put chap stick on the their lips

    • If I were you, I'd definitely get it checked because the was you've described, it definitely sounds a pathological problem.

  • Nevah even hoyd of this...

    But it shouldn't really be a problem. How noticeable is it? Do people comment on it? Or is it one of things they aren't aware of unless you point it out?