Girls, I need your opinion on what reasons would be that I have never had a girlfriend?

i have never had a girlfriend in my entire life. what reasons should be that i am single? am i not handsome, or tall, or something else?


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  • You need to win girls over with the personality and looks. I never found my bf attractive until I fell for his personality. Be your self and someone would want you eventually.


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  • A majority of girls want looks and a great personality from a guy. Some guys who fail in the looks department need to work on confidence and their personality. I don't know your height but your looks are average based on the picture. I would suggest online dating or dating apps to get you going.

    P. S.
    Don't fall for any online dating scams

  • You're too plain. (personality). You don't have sexual magnetic attraction.

    • you mean i am ugly

    • Your personality is weak

    • why girls want everything? like being handsome AND personality?

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