Looking really young - taking seriously?

I have an interesting issue. I look really young, thank God - I'm 27 but have apparently looked about 21 since I was 18.
Sometimes it interferes with my perceiving myself as an adult. Sometimes I wonder if people take me seriously.
Just - how do you perceive people like me? (don't want to post a pic by the way.)
Examples -
A teenage kid refused to say I was over 17.
Coworker said she saw me as around 18-19.
Interviewer today (herself a senior in college, I think) thought I was about 20.
Someone who knows me thought I was an undergraduate (22).
Apparently I have barely aged since my high school ID photo (in which I do look a bit older).
A woman thought I was in high school when she first met me (I was out of college).

I dress my age, by the way.


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  • Personally, I'd take you seriously. I think it's attractive that you look younger. But honestly, I'm the same way. I'm 21 and most guess 16-18. So to me, I think it's just fine


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  • I have same issue, turning 30 this year and everybody at my new job thought I was 21/22 treating me like I was a kid. Thing that is fusterating being a guy is approaching a women around my age and they think I am to young, or hitting on younger girls coming off as a creep.

    • wow really? the being treated as a kid part scares me.

    • Once they figure Out my age it's all good. Certain people might try to fuck with me every once in a while though. I work in a factory, not an office setting.

  • My sister's friend is turning 20 and people have recently asked her if she's a freshmen in high school so at least people think you're an adult

    • really? a freshman?

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    • I'm not short but I have freckles - I didn't realize those made people look young but huh maybe

    • A lot of people think freckles make a girl look young. It's definitely better to look really young than really old though

  • Well depends on people thoughts.. i met plenty of people who are still young but a mind of a president..

  • I'd take any woman seriously above the age of 15, but only be interested in women 21 and over.

    • makes sense - well a lot of them guess 22 so I apparently look old enough to them at least. thanks for answering!

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  • I also look younger than my age and can see where you're coming from! It can be frustrating for people to not take you professionally because they think that you're younger, therefore know less. However, I find that professionalism and maturity are what are what really matters, regardless of how old you are. Even if people think that you look younger, you have to learn to work with it and just do your best to act your age.
    People have respect for those who are respectful and professional, and if they think that they shouldn't take you seriously because of the age they think you are, be the bigger person and continue to act maturely. Make yourself in command and take control. Good luck! And remember, looking younger doesn't have to be a bad thing, it just means that you'll be looking better than all the people who look their age later on in life.

    • I try to be professional etc. and I've been told that once I start talking I'm fine, but sometimes when I look in the mirror I think "am I really am adult? really?"

    • I wouldn't worry about it too much. I think all the time that I don't look my age, but you know what, there's nothing I can really do about it. One day you'll look old and be wishing that you looked the way you do now. As far as not feeling like an adult, you are an adult, you act like one and dress like one, and you're old enough to be one. :)

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