Girls, how do I look? I could use s self esteem boost?

What do you think. I could use a boost in confidence. I feel ugly cus girls never seem to make the effort to let me know if they are attracted to me, I don't know if thats cause of me or if they just aren't letting me know... Either way it sucks, cause I want to be noticed.. :\ maybe its both

Please be nice. Hopefully I get some replies to this

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  • where's the pic?

  • I would say average

    • Nothing wrong with that. You are not ugly

    • 3 yes six no and one comment dating average
      makes me feel so much better

      It only hurts my fucking feelings and you know what I doubt any of you cunts look any better I'd like to see a pic of you it took a lot to build courage to part my pics fuck all of you

    • Hahahaha, now you got angry because people tell you the truth? Wake up dude! Most people on this planet are average. Average is not ugly, average means you are attractive to opposite sex, but it doesn't mean you are the hotteat guy around. You wishing you look super hot, doesn't make you super hot. Should we lie so you could feel better about yourself then someday wake up and realize you are not 10/10?

      I'm not the sexiest girl either. I'm average and happy with that. But difference between us is that you have terrible attitude, and I don't. If no girl is interested, it's propably your attitude that repels them.